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Are we sexier?

Oh the perks of having migraines... they are so plentiful, well not really, but this artcle mentions one interesting affect. First of all some of us experience a higher sexual libido as a migraine aura... which I have noticed as an effect of my 'manic' migraines, where really my energy level is totally spiked. And then there is the fact that an orgasam is god's migraine abortive... and that is also true, sometimes, other times it can increase the pain... but I say go for it (assuming you are of age, and if not block this from your mind), since at the very least it is a darn good distraction.

Migraine Sufferers: Are they sexier

How to survive the holidays with chronic pain

1) Consider your options: Choose the events that you wish to go to, and make lame excuses for all the other ones.

2) Consider distance: When choosing Christmas parties always consider the distance to and from the said event. Just because you can get somewhere does not mean you will be in any shape to get back.

3) Conisder beverage choices: As in no booze. And trust me out drinking a migraine backfires with a uber migraine that cannot be treated.

4) Consider your shopping methods: Malls are horrible. Full of mobs, noise and so forth. And then there is getting there and then the walking about. So use the internet... it is your friend.

5) Consider which relatives you like best: Family are great, but lets face it there is so much of them. Your not Santa Claus, you cannot zip around at the speed of light to see everyone. So pick your favorite relative, or the one that cooks the best meal and go there. Never host a family gathering, because that is just a slippery slope of hous…

Side Effects: Steve Martin

Side Effects
by Steve Martin

The New Yorker
April 13, 1998

DOSAGE: take two tablets every six hours for joint pain.

SIDE EFFECTS: This drug may cause joint pain, nausea, head-ache, or shortness of breath. You may also experience muscle aches, rapid heartbeat, and ringing in the cars. If you feel faint, call your doctor.

Do not consume alcohol while taking this pill; likewise, avoid red meat, shellfish, and vegetables. O.K. foods: flounder. Under no circumstances eat yak. Men can expect painful urination while sitting, especially if the penis is caught between the toilet seat and the bowl.

Projectile vomiting is common in thirty per cent of users-sorry, fifty per cent. If you undergo disorienting nausea accompanied by migraine and raspy breathing, double the dosage. Leg cramps are to be expected; one knee-buckler per day is normal.

Bowel movements may become frequent-in fact, every ten minutes. If bowel movements become greater than twelve per hour, consult your doctor, or any doctor, or ju…

Migraine art- Olea Nova

Olea Nova-Migraine art- while the artist is painting based on research and interviews with people with migraines, I do find her paintings interesting. Sometimes it is simply impossible to express things in words. Words become limiting and even at times self-concealing.