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The stroke factor

We all know we are at increased chance of having a stroke with migraine with aura. I know the symptoms of stoke just in case, but would i know if I had one or would I think it is the migraine. And then there a mini strokes you might not even be aware of.

Conclusions Migraine with aura in midlife was associated with late-life prevalence of cerebellar infarct-like lesions on MRI. This association was statistically significant only for women. This is consistent with the hypothesis that migraine with aura in midlife is associated with late-life vascular disease in the cerebellum and in women.

Migraine Headache in Middle Age and Late-Life Brain Infarcts

Something to be careful of as we get older and the risk of stroke increases.

Side effects; always in effect before the drug

The side effects for Cymbalta hit me right of the get go, yet I have to wait three weeks to see if it does anything. All fun stuff. I have had some pretty nasty side effects in my day, but so far the Cymbalta is not too bad, not great, but not too bad. I have to take it in the morning because it is said to cause restlessness and make a person have trouble sleeping, which I thought would be fine, cause maybe that would help me stay alert in the morning. Because I like to be contrary I am instead getting yawn attacks in the afternoon and drop dead tired when I get home, which is also not so bad because a person should be tired when they go to bed. This drug is also said to cause dizziness, in fact that is the most common one they warn you about, but I have not had one touch of that. Mostly my complaint is that it upsets my stomach quite a bit, but then what doesn't? I will just have to watch that and make sure it is not one of those side effects that gets worse as you go, but…

My neuro gave me drugs for Christmas!

Finally got to see my neuro. And as usually it was kind of a good/bad sort of deal. The good thing is that he is putting me Cymbalta in combination with the Lyrica. This is a darn good thing because I was quite worried he would take me off everything and start from scratch... which sounds like a good plan until I cannot function or work while he is messing around with them. It is also good that this particular drug is known to help with FMS as well... so a combo of the two that work for FMS and migraines, might just do it for both. *Crosses fingers*

The bad news is that the pain I have been having in my feet and wrists is not due to a side effect of Lyrica. He suspects, like my doc, that it is the FMS. Either a flare up, or nerve pain. This sucks because that means it is not going to go away on its own and is just that much more pain I have to deal with. Potentially this new drug might help with that.

Cymbalta has never been high on my list of meds to try for FMS or migraines,…

The thing about pain is that it moves...

I swear I take something for one pain and I get pain somewhere else. My migraines have been out of control for a bit now (neuro apt in dec... counting down the days), so it has been difficult to manage, or not manage as the case may be. To make things oh so much more fun my FMS seems to be flaring up, either that or I am really low on magnesium. Anyway, loads of random muscle pain... back pain, neck pain, leg pain and foot arch pain... all of which shifts around so that one area is way worse than the other. I blamed the foot arch pain on Lyrica, but my doc insists side effects do not come back after being on a med two years... yet did not explain the pain. Makes it hard to walk sometimes... just a painful shuffle. So I bought those fake arch foot inserts for work and they seem to dim the pain significantly while I am wearing them but it comes back four times as bad when I am not? What is up with that. I am going to have to wear those shoes all the time at this rate. I could t…

Bad migraine flare today...

I missed work today... and actually it seemed my body made up my mind before I did, since I failed to hear my alarm ring for forty minutes and woke up already late.  I remember waking up really slow wondering what the noise was and was shocked to realize what time it was when I figured out it was the alarm.  It was an insanely strong migraine, so I called in sick thinking some much needed sleep might kill it and I could go in later in the day.  Nope.  Slept quite a bit and woke up with it still there, just as strong and just as mind numbing.  And I had things to do today and two meetings, so feeling guilty about that and will not have fun tomorrow.  But I just could not do it.  It was that painful.  Around 7pm it tempered a bit, likely from the painkillers doing a decent job, but I still feel like I have a bruise in my head and my stomach still has not settled.  I was really trying to not miss work until I saw my neuro in december, but so much for that plan.

This brutal migraine is th…

Driving and migraines...

Yep, always a concern for the chronic migraine sufferer.  I admit it is extremely difficult to work with chronic migraines.  We all know migraines can make us incapable of doing anything, but we also know that treated migraines, or half treated migraines, or mild migraines or silent migraines... are an entirely different story.  We are expected to function with these.  Expected to because no one says we can't and does not offer us any better solution, so we do the best we can.  Likewise with a full blown migraine, driving is impossible, but in those other cases not impossible, but obviously effected.  For example my most predominate visual aura is visual snow, and it is always there, but sometimes more extreme... so I see billions of little sparks of light zig zagging, flashing and darting around in my field of vision and it makes everything rather like a monet painting and distorted.  To drive at all, I need to…

Allrighty, I stopped procrastinating and forgeting

I finally made a neuro appointment.  My chronic migraines have been exceptionally chronic since march, or maybe before, but definately since march.  The only thing that has helped me survive work with these things is pain killers... and really, when it comes down to it they don't do enough.  I have been lately taking my abortive beyond the three times a week rule, because I forget how many times I have taken it until i start getting chest pains.  Plus triptans kick ass over pain killers any day of the week.  Still, now my lungs feel like I have a wee kick boxer in there trying to get out and that sort of piercing chest pain that is rather unpleasant.  So yesterday I did a drug free day, which, as you can imagine, was not exactly fun.  I thought a break would mean I could take a triptan today, but the side effects of that, ie the whole kick boxer in the lungs, hit me quite quickly and that suggests I need a bit of a break from that triptan.  The two options would be another triptan…

Missing my mind today

There is a point when memory glitches are less glitches and more a state of mind, as in a permanent state of mind.  Being forgetful is one thing, but forgetting to do important things and not even remembering later is quite another.  I forgot to pay the bills last month and had no idea they were not paid until I paid them this month.  I forgot I posted my last entry on here and was going to do it again... which would have been a tad bit confusing.  I have some serious problems with facial recognition... in my line of work I meet a lot of people, associate with them for a short term and can't be expected to remember them all.  I really don't remember any of them.  I keep getting people coming in and greeting me by name and I have no clue if I know them from work or elsewhere, they don't even look vaguely familiar.  I do recognize names, although don't connect them to faces and it takes a bit of jogging to get to the point where I can connect the name to the business I d…

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week

Shared by Teri Robert (thank you) - and completed by me:

30 Things About My Invisible Illness, Migraine, You May Not Know

Anyone who has Migraine disease or another headache disorder knows what it's like to live with an invisible illness. People can't see our illness. There are no outward signs. Invisible illnesses are easy for "healthy" people to ignore. This adds to the burden of disease and makes lives even more difficult.

Each year, National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is observed to educate the public and raise awareness about invisible illnesses. One of the blogging activities this year is a "meme," 30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know. So, here's my meme...

1. The illness I live with is: Migraine disease & Fibromyalgia

2. I was diagnosed with it in the year: 1997

3. But I had symptoms since: 1980

4. The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is: trying to find a job I can hold.

5. Most people assume: that Migraines …

If it is not one thing it is something else

This FMS pain, I assume, is what is causing pain in my feet and wrists.  I have gotten a script for an anit-inflamatory cream which helps if I apply it three times a day.  Can my doctor explain this weird flare up of specific pain... no.  So, hope it goes away.  But it is not just that.  I find it difficult to do things that were not so difficult before.  My muscle endurance is shot, and my legs weak.  Keep getting those tingles and arms and legs falling asleep.  I totally drained myself washing the bathroom today, not to mention gimped up my already gimped wrist.

Migraine wise I had a few days off... which was a pleasant surprise   Then hormonal migraines.  Which are always brutal, but this time seeming to not last too long.  Three days instead of six.  I think this fall weather is awesome.  It is not too hot, not too cold and that is what my body likes.  There there is a season where the migraines are not so over blown.  Unfortunately, it is a short season.

FMS flare up

FMS is totally flaring up.  Pain in my feet, ankles, hip joints, shoulders and wrists.  Constant pain but also effecting my mobility.  For example my wrists hurt like hell and I cannot put any pressure on them, grasp anything or even press my thumb to my fingers without causing a whole lot more pain.  I only have one wrist brace, which I have been switching from one to the other and that only helps so much.

The why of the flare up escapes me.  Could be the recent bowling, could be random or could be the Lyrica side effect.  One thing is for certain, it does not seem to be going away.  I am taking a whole lot of magnesium in hopes that it will help. I have pain killers for my migraines, which makes them the obvious choice when I have a migraine and FMS pain, but they just don't help that much.

Just gave myself a whopping of pain... intentionally.

I went bowling for a work thing and I wanted to go, so I did, even though last time it took a week before the pain began to dim and I walked normally again. Ah, yes, FMS and bowling do not mix. Still, I wanted to go. So I plastered on loads of muscle cream, stretched out, took extra magnesium and figgered with the Lyrica (which works better for FMS than migraines I might add) I would be looking at less pain than last time and for a lesser duration. Don't know if that theory will pan out or not, but I am feeling the sharp nerve aching burn already. Well, actually I felt it almost immediately in my wrist, then my shoulder, then my ankles and knees, while playing... but now it is worse and I am thinking my wrist is not going to be working so well tommorow and for the forseeable future. So took a hot shower, slathered on more muscle gunk and put on my wrist brace and hoping for the best.

How pathetic am I?

Wait. Don't answer that.

A person came into my workplace today. Someone I know very well. My pharmacist assistant. She greeted me by name, as she does when i come into the pharmacy. She asked about my migraines, since a storm was rolling in. Is this odd? Not at all. How could she not remember me when i go to the pharmacy once a week for refills. Sad. So very sad. On my part, not hers. I can't remember any of my customers names a few seconds after they are out of the office. I have to laugh, in a sad kind of way, when someone asks if a particular person is my customer because usually my answer is 'No. Well, the name sounds familiar. Hmm. Maybe.'

Speaking of which I have been living up to the brainless part of the brainless blogger. Can't seem to get a sentence out right these days. Or at least it starts off fine... 'Oh, I know what you mean, just the other day I, uh, spat out pickles fuzzle, huh?' or something much like that that made li…

Abuse resistent med FDA approved

The morphine-based drug was approved to treat moderate to severe pain when a continuous opioid painkiller is needed over an extended period. It will be available in either once- or twice-daily dosages.
Embeda contains extended-release morphine pellets wrapped around naltrexone hydrochloride, a drug that counteracts the effects of morphine, which is an opioid.
"If taken as directed, the morphine relieves pain while the sequestered naltrexone hydrochloride passes through the body with no intended clinical effect," King said in a release.
But if crushed or chewed, the naltrexone is released and absorbed with the morphine, King said, to some extent reversing morphine's effects.

Reuters article

I think this is great. Mostly because I hate having troubles getting pain killers with doctors, when I need them and am not abusing them. Myabe this new abuse free med can be given out more often than morphine without it and the docs will not be so freakin paranoid everyone is a d…

Travel makes me...

Tired. Very, very tired. Of the 8 hour drive to our destination for a wedding, I drove 1, got a migraine and gave up on that idea. Of our 8 hour return, got a migraine and could not drive at all. I think the definition of love is when your man is willing to drive 8 hours without complaint so you do not have to. That is how useful I am in travel situations... just more luggage. Semicoherent, incomprehensible, squinty-eyed luggage. I brought a book to read, but did not read much... kinda zoned out most of the way really. Kinda zoned out the entire trip. Not at the top of my mental capacity that was for certain.

I managed to kill my killer migraine by Friday when we left, but that did not stop a sixer migraine for the trip there, a sixer migraine the entire next day and a eighter migraine on the return trip. Oddly enough taking your abortive and being on a road trip or attending a social event makes that abortive not really work... at all.

There are some times, even if you don…

MMM: Monster Motion Migraine

Yep, the big MMM is the worst migraine ever. It is the worst because the pain intensifies with any movement; nod your head, move year head, accelerate in your car, brake in your car, walk.... all these explode the pain. If untreated the pain gets worse and worse every time you move until your are completely incapacited by pain.

The MMM started yesterday morning, migraine on waking means it is going to be a bad one and it was. I used a triptan right off the bat, whih lasted three hours. I used a T3 and that got me through the remainder of work. By the time I was driving home, pain was skyrocketing. Got home and tried to lie on the couch, but that made my head tilt in a painful way... ended up haveing to isolate myself in my room, curl up in a ball and pray for death. I took three Tramcet to get through the pain of the MMM, even that could not kill it. Woke up today and migraine still kicking and fought it all day. What do I get from this battle, a sore stomach and a pain dimini…


Is awesome. This is the new med my doc gave me to manage pain and that is exactly what it does. T3's never do much for me, likely because to me Tylenol is like filler. This one also has acetaminophen, but instead of codeine it has tramadol and I guess that is just different enough for my brain for it to work. It is not too strong, does not give me a fuzzy head, and dulls the pain for about three hours... so just what I need to give me relief when at work. And the relief is such a freakin relief. So good to feel just a gap in the pain. You realize just how narrow your focus is when you are consumed by pain... it is all about getting through things. Just a bit of pain relief and my memory improves, my communication skills improve, my concentration improves and I can think ahead as well as think more than one thing at a time.

My aura right now

This is what you get with grainy vision, visual slow of a billion sparkles and then some big old white waves. It is amazing I can see at all.


I went to the ER finally. I suppose after two weeks of one solid brutal migraine in this insufferable heat it was inevitable and I should have gone last week. There is nothing about the ER experience that I like, thus why I avoid it. There is the long wait, there is the random doctors, there is the random treatment, the light, the fact that whatever they do might be completely ineffective or just as good as what I would do with what I have. So I avoid it and avoid it, and suffer and suffer until I feel like just chopping my head off and being done with it... then I go.

This time was not all that bad, ER experience wise. They put me on the IV, which is good and rarely done. They put me on Torodal, which unless it is in IV form tends not to work all that well. And then added in this anti-nausa thing in the mix which is said to be good for migraines in particular. Together the two drugs to it, where the Toradol by itself oddly was not. Either way, the migraine is still there b…

This heat is killer on the brain

I have this course I need to take in the city, an hour commute. I hate commuting and there is a very good reason for that. It means I need to get up early, when I sleep poorly as is, and am not exactly fucntion in the early mornings... due to meds and morning migraines. By the time I get where I am going, because of light and lack of sleep, I will likely have a migraine. In this case I did, so I battle that and half suceed. Then the ride home... I have no air conditioning, it is cooking hot outside, and twice that in the care. My migraine went from gettin-bad to horrific within minutes. My vision was doubled and hazy, my head throbbing intensely, my aura bright and distracting and the pain sooo intense. By the time I got home I wished I was dead and then had to try and battle that beast, and unfortunately only got it down to manageable rather than victory. So drug tally... two abortives and four T3s and little relief. And getting up even earlier tommorow to do the same damn …

Had my MRI

Which should have been done eons ago, and really does not do much except check to make sure they are not missing something. It does nothing to help me right now, in chronic pain hell. However, it did prove I still have a brain... which is good... I was beginning to wonder. Having an MRI is a lot like lying in a coffin, but the cemetary is doing massive and loud constrution. I went in with a migraine, so it is not like the noise made it worse. I did find it a little hard to lie still, because for some reason today is a whopping bad FMS pain day and I felt like I had been beaten with a stick from my middle back down to my toes... so I kept wanting to twitch and had to flex between scans. But at least it was not a twitchy bobble head migraine day... i would have been there for hours.

I was slightly tempted to go to the ER while I was there and have this eight day migraine from hell taken care of while I was there... but this hospital is larger and ergo packed waiting room and four h…

powerful migraines, pending MRI and poor moods

Obviously, again, I am stubborn and should go to the ER. If I thought they could help maybe I would. At this point, this beast of a migraine cannot be helped. I switch abortives, but then it would be a day of no abortives to do so, and that does not seem to be happening. I need an abortive either straight in the morning, or a few hours later, and it does not last... so then I either need another or use T3s, and the T3s do not pack a powerful punch. I have already been going on five or more days straight with the abortive, which is a no-no, as the ache in my chest demonstrates, but to get to work that it what needs to be done. T3s are not much of a rescue med when you have to use them and your abortive to get through the day.

Anyway, been hellish. I have my MRI on Monday. But really an MRI is just to exclude other things and will not help in any way with my current chronic migraine state. It will prove that I still have a brain, which I am beginning to doubt, but that is about…

Killer migraines getting the best of me this month

I just can't get rid of this killer migraine I have. It is making my neck hurt and kink up so that it hurts like hell to bend it forward. I can't sleep because the angle on the pillow seems to make my head hurt more, and the ringing in my ears is louder than the background music I have and the throbbing makes me feel like my fricken head has a pulse. It is of course hormonal migraines and of course it is a battle every damn month, but most times I have a handle on it... in the whole balancing different meds and suffering through what slips through the gaps. This month though i am scrambling to keep up and totally failing. The pain is damn near killing me and there is a point when it is intolerable and in the middle of the night that I wish it would already. I am also frightfully moody as a result. I just can't shake this bad mood that hit me on Friday and is having a lingering effect on me that is both unpleasant and irritating. I am in too much damn pain to think …

What are vestibular migraines?

I always asumed virtigo, dizziness and all that wierd motion stuff was just part of the neurological fun of a migraine. I guess there is a migraine class for people with a whole lot of this part of the migraine.

Vestibular migraine is a variant of migraine in which instead of headache being the most predominant feature, dizziness is. Patients usually say that out of nowhere they got extremely dizzy and don't feel like they're on even ground. Some describe a spinning or rocking sensation. They have light or sound sensitivity and get nauseous or throw up. Episodes can last minutes to hours, and there's a chronic form where people have a constant sense of imbalance. In many instances, people have a history of migraine headaches before vestibular migraine shows up.-

Study links "aura" migraines in women to brain lesions

Lovely. When I get my MRI next month I bet the doctors will be astonished to find a black hole where my brain used to be... but maybe not, maybe just lesions, which sounds worse than it is, I think.

Scientists said there is no evidence the so-called "silent" lesions, which can be as small as a pinpoint and are common in many older people, affect mental or motor function as adults age. Still, the study of more than 4,600 men and women in Iceland is the largest prospective research to show that migraines occurring in midlife may affect the brain years later, said Lenore Launer, chief of the neuroepidemiology section of the Laboratory of Epidemiology, Demography and Biometry at the National Institute on Aging in Bethesda, Md.

"The importance of this study is it suggests that migraines are not just an episodic condition," Launer said. "It may lead to long-term changes in the brain. At this point there's no real clinical message for people with migraines."

I think I emotionally flatlined

Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost my sympathy for other people's pain. Not my empathy, that I got loads of. More so I cannot seem to tolerate complaining or whining about any sort of mild to moderate pain in others. I should not compare other people's pain to my own, because it is not a contest or a game or even a measurable scale in which to read one person's suffering over anothers. Yet I cannot seem to stop myself from doing it. I hear someone with some minor complaint, even a long enduring minor complaint, and I listen and nod and make some general sympathetic remark. Most of which is false, because while I empathize and often feel the same or worse, I do not think it is productive to announce it. That in fact on my best day I am not doing so hot, but I still do all the things I need to do and none of the things I want to do. I think of what I need to endure because that is the way it is, and all the meds I need to just function at that minimal capaci…

I had a Bad Day

I woke up feeling absolutely drained. Then our kitten got sick all over the place and me. So I called in work cause I wanted to make sure he was not sick sick, since had has been sick and he is just a wee kitten, but the boss did not think that was a reasonable excuse. So after I changed I went in all cranky and tired. Then the day was just one fricken thing after another. I set a vet apt for Charlie for the end of the day, the last appointment they had to get him checked out. To make sure he is not too sick, to make sure my other cats do not get it. But boss was not pleased I had not asked her about this. So I resechdualed it for the closest one that had to the very end of the day, which will be next monday... which is pushing it since he is a kitten and needs his shots. I had a killer migraine all day and was just out of sorts, the whole day sucked the big one, and because of the migraine these generally small things compounded until I was just plain cranky. Finally, I sta…

Exercise is totally over rated

I have been attempting some mild exercise, under the theory that just a little will prevent my muscles from wilting and my ultra hypermobile knees from collapsing. It is really hard to get motivated when you have chronic migraines... a migraine is not the time to be thinking about any sort of movement. I read that aerobic exercise would not cause a migraine, so that does leave a small window of opportunity. I am not so sure about that theory, since I did a workout (by workout I mean danced several songs on my Wii... which totally counts) and not too long after his with one fricken whopping migraine.

Plus with FMS any sort of exercise causes a great deal more pain. Every time I do just a little of exercise on either upper body or lower, well then that whole muscle group hurts like hell for two to three days. Which means hard to have any consistent routine on a daily basis for sure, cause that pain compounds. Then I think if I keep doing it and just push through that pain, then ma…

What a life...

When you have chronic conditions nothing is ever simple. I went to the doctor because this nausea thing is getting out of control and way too long lasting to be any kind of flu. So first, blood work, although my other blood work was fine, so he does not think an inflection. Next, ultrasound, cause stomach does not hurt, nausea with no obvious patterns. Then he added an MRI of my head, cause it has been awhile since that has been 'looked at'. It has been about four years since I got my CAT scan. And maybe the nausea could be brain or migraine related. But still, one symptom of nausea, bad certainly, but just one thing and walk out with blood work, ultrasound and an MRI... who else can say that? Crazy. Yet a sign of a good doctor and one who is thourough. But unfortunately it does little for me and my totally unsettled stomach... so it is anti-nausea meds for me until this either goes away as abruptly as it came or.. something.

I guess it kill a killer migraine you gotta go all at it

After treating my killer migraine as agressively as I can based on what I have, it did not kill the migraine, but made it a bit better for part of the day. What it did do, is made it so I could sleep and get up without another morning migraine. So successful. But I had another whopper today, early afternoon. So I again took the abortive right away and it just did not work well, took a T3 and that did not quite cut it, but I should not take more than that. You just can't treat all of them agressively, becuase then you end up with not being able to take any more abortives that week and having only painkillers as a fall back. So I am just suffering right now and hoping for a good sleep. But tommorow is Friday, so that is good, and a long weekend which is awesome.

Reasons to take Magnesium

My mom read an article on MVP and she thought it sounded just like me, and that I should take magnesium. I told her it had crossed my mind back in the day as well, and maybe I do. But even so, there are two other reasons to take magnesium: migraines and FMS. So I bought some and am starting slow and working my way up. I am hoping it will help with the muscles spasms at the least.

Reason One:

It looks like magnesium supplements may work as a migraine preventative and magnesium deficiency can cause migraines. Worth a shot.

Should You Be Taking Magnesium?
Two doubleblind studies have shown that magnesium supplementation may reduce the frequency of migraine. In research studies, we have found that magnesium levels affect serotonin receptors, and also have an effect on nitric oxide synthesis and release, as well as on NMDA receptors—all brain structures and chemicals suspected to be important in migraine. In small studies, both migraine and cluster headache patients have responded acu…

what an ass

The fate of patients with persistent widespread pain labeled as FM stands in reproach to whatever theory underpins this sophistical treatment act. In the community, the majority of people with persistent widespread pain improve with time12. That is not the fate of those who become patients and are labeled FM. Based on the science that pertains to the regional musculoskeletal disorders, I would suggest that this unhappy fate is not solely a reflection of the intensity of their symptoms or the pervasiveness of the psychosocial factors that confounded their coping so that they chose to be patients in the first place. I would suggest that the treatment acts, dripping with empty promises of elucidation and unproved promises of palliation, are iatrogenic. I would further suggest that these circular treatment acts will exacerbate whatever mood or thought disorder is complicating the plight of these patients13.

NORTIN M. HADLER says "I suspect that few suffering with persistent chronic p…

Should rheumatologists treat fibromyalgia patients?

I do believe there are patients who have widespread musculoskeletal pain attributed to a syndrome we call fibromyalgia. However, I do not believe rheumatologists should be the "main caregivers for these patients," as Pisetsky and others have suggested. We simply treat these patients by default. The main reason for my stance is the lack of any creditable evidence supporting fibromyalgia as a rheumatologic condition other than the existence of chronic pain. Although rheumatic diseases are often associated with chronic pain, the converse is not necessarily true. With the burgeoning entrepreneurial specialty masquerading as "pain management," my opinion is that these patients would be best served by those who claim to be pain specialists—if only we could get them to put their needles down long enough to actually treat the pain and the patient.

Dr Pisetsky states FMS is not a rheumatic diseases and therefore not under the realm of what a rheumatologist should be treatin…

Results from sleep study...

Were rather disapointing. Actually they were good. I was in range for my pauses of breathing, in range for the amount of kicking and movement, and had plenty of oxygen through the night. All very good things, but nothing that helps me with answers or get a better sleep. I have decided from all the muscle jerks at night, I should start taking magnesium to help with it. But I don't know about the rest, the whole waking up not breathing bit... maybe one of the pillows designed to help you breath better when you sleeping. Since I obviously am breathing well most of the time, it must be something not often, so I don't have to worry about it. So I am left with just my usual sleeping disorders really, which are quite enough.

Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most

This whole spring migraine season is toally messing me up. In my moments of clarity I realize I am having a great deal of trouble remembering things. A whole lot of things. Whether I took my pills in the morning. Whether I paid the bills this month. The whole month of March is a haze of remembering and forgetting. Obviously when I am having a migraine this is more pronounced. I forget names, how to do simple tasks, important facts of a conversation while having a conversation. Constant migraines pretty much mean the inability to process long term memories, which leads to a whole lot of forgetting on my part. So on the rare occasions when I do not have a migraine I try to think back and I totally come up blank on a great deal. Then you start getting that wierd surreal feeling and feel just out of sorts. I can't say I like it. There are just portions of your life that are just stumbled throung blindly and forgotten. It is no wonder time seems to go by so fast, when you …

New Migraine awareness blog

Migraine Journey is a new blog"Last year I compiled, edited and published the book, Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey through Life with Migraine to try and help dispel the myths of migraine via the words and art of people who live with it." -Betsy Baxter Blondin, Editor

I was one of the contributors to that collection and am happy to see she has created a blog.

It's all in the details...

Managing FMS and chronic migraines is all about balance. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Any change to routine can spell catastrophe. So many details and nuances that it is impossible to always succeed in avoiding triggers, but at least you can do damage control and strive for some sort of balance. But that does not imply stability, because any treatment can fail suddenly and things like life happen. Sometimes I wish I could grasp the patterns behind migraines, because sometimes when you are having a real bad month these migraine free, headache free, no pre-migraine or migraine crash, days comes out of nowhere and it would sure be cool if I knew why. The fact that spring is not kind to me has to do with both FMS and migraines; the light changes hurt both, but also FMS with its whole syndrome symptoms has unexplainable allergies amongst other things, and of course there is the simple amped up pain factor with weather changes in both conditions.

So I am a little concer…

Too many triptans

Month long migraines and too many triptans. I use Axert, but try not to use it too much, because it causes shortness of breath, which aggravates my asthma and then I get asthma attacks. So it can't be my regular triptan, even though it works better. Instead I use an ergotomine for my regular triptan, because so far it is the only one that does not cause me to have trouble breathing. So I have been using both, to try and trick my brain out of this migraine stretch. Use Axert for three days, off one (cause you need to wait 24hours) and just use painkillers, and then go on the ergotomine for three days, then repeat. Which means I am well over three days a week of triptans, which you should not do. But you should also not use painkillers like T3s for more than three days. Point being, using too much of everything just to battle these things.

And when you take too many, in my case, you get tired, short of breath and chest pains and heart flutters. Then vertigo and dizzy spells…

I have a love hate relationship with spring

Honestly, out of the whole month there were maybe two days without a pre-migraine, migraine or post-migraine. Two days without a headache or migraine related symptoms. Two days of awesome clarity, clear and sharp thinking, where I got things done. On those days the world seems so intenely sharp and vivid. And you are so very aware it is not a good thing that this is a rare occurance rather than the norm. It is hard for me to keep a balance since chronic migraines three days out of the week can easily lead into much more. One bad week of say five migraines, takes its toll and might then lead to anothing bad week or into a status migraine.

The rest has been migraine hell really. The weather unpredicatable, combined with lack of sleep, more light and, of course, the predictable hormonal migraine. It is becoming quite the drain. When you get a status migraine, a migraine that lasts continually for three days, it is killer on the body over all. Hard to break and takes some time to…