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All the pretty pills

I added a new Page on here to show my updated list of regular meds, not including the ones I am on for my short 21 drug trial with the neuro.


There are certain migraine related blogs I follow and there are days I will hit them all to check out what is going on in the inner universe of other people's migraine afflicted mind.  Well, because I have some time on my hands, I've been blog reading and it has come to my attention that some of my favs are stagnant.  Whether this is because blogging is no longer an interest to them or they have an awesome migraine treatment and therefore nothing migraine related to say, I am not sure.  But it is wierd.  Nonetheless, I am going to have to cull them from my blog roll cause I keep clicking on them... but they will be replaced by other new and interesting blogs I locate.

Feel free to mention some.  Also feel free to mention some philosophy sites, since I check those out in my other blog.  I admit I like to blog, as it is a link to others with the same interests... so I have my main blog which is all funny pics, home pics and interesting science or phil stuff, then there is my cre…

Day Ten of migraine treatment

Yesterday I experienced some wierd dizziness and vertigo all day and I know this is from the calcium channel blocker.  They always have some odd effect on my heart rate and blood pressure because they are designed for people with high blood pressure and mine has always been low or low normal.  Yesterday I clocked in at 108/65.  So that is a bit low, but not much lower than it usually is for me.  My heart rate was 85, and that is around where it usually is (wheras Inderal and other beta blockers make it go down to a fainting 50... but then those are not recommended for asthama)  So I figure once I finish the house work and spring cleaning assault I am engaged in I will chill for the last week, see if that helps a bit.

I am just doing some general house cleaning today, that maintence stuff.  Which is nice and mellow.  Also works for me because I have that nasty nerve pain in my feet again.  I am told this nerve pain could be from FMS (Yippeeee) or from the interesting relation between m…

Lets see the world through rose colored glasses

I was reading a question on a message board regarding the possibility of red tinted glasses helping with migraines.  The idea is that it is filtered out the color spectrum that would flare a migraine from photosensitivity.  The idea quite intrigued me and not just because I thought getting myself some red tinted round hippy glasses and having a legitimate excuse to wear them was awesome.  The idea is interesting because I have heard it mentioned that yellow tinted glasses help with night blindness.  Certain sunglasses help me during the day as in it reduces the pain and also filters out the visual snow sparkles I see.  So of course it would be interesting to see if other tints might refine this.  Turns out it is something that people are researching and patients are using.  I find the most references howver to a particular rose tint in glasses and a red tint in contacts.

Moran Eye Center

Red tinted contact lenses

From what I understand the idea is to get the proper coloring and to have …

Migraine treatment Day 7

There is little difference so far, but I have been doing some spring cleaning and that makes me happy.  Household chores rather get left behind when you have chronic migraines... since that whole work thing sucks the life right out of you so that by the time you get home, into the blessed confinement of a dark house, you just want to sleep or lay comotose and feel free to be in pain and not do anything.  Oh, you notice all the things that need to be done and they mock you with there damned un-done-ness, but ever tried cleaning a bathtub with a migraine?  I would not recommend trying.  You will not suceed.  So I have all this time on my hands and fewer migraines, so I have been slowly and methodically going through the house and cleaning... but also spring cleaning, as in organizing, cleaning those less daily chores and bringing things to good will.  And it makes me feel damn good that I can at least have a clean house after this break is over... even if it is a short break and in the …

Sometimes I feel like having a full blown regressed tantrum...

I was reminded of a post I made here and on a related migraine forum regarding driving with migraines and/or driving with migraine medication. The overwhelming response was never drive with a migraines. Frankly, I would not, if I did not have to. Case and point, now I was specifically told by my neuro not to drive on these meds for this short three week span and I am off work, so i don't need to drive. However, in what world do people live in where someone who works and has chronic migraines gets to call in sick cause they should not drive? I'd be fired by now, which is the absolute truth given how work has treated me for the relatively few absenses I have had, all things consisdered. I got the argument. I got the concerns. Still, that whole needed to pay the bills and eat thing tends to make me decide otherwise. That and with chronic pain for a couple sorts I prioritize my pain; functional pain and non-functional pain. I do all sorts of things with functional pain that I wish…

Day Four of neuro drug treatment

I was not feeling bad at all today. I slept till two in the afternoon, tidied up the house a wee bit, read a little, wrote a little and cooked supper. And I had no migraine at all. Feel a bit stoned, but not so bad as I can't do things... except drive and so forth. I did get a sort of pressure headache, which I think might be a side effect since I was also a bit dizzy, but by no means a bad headache.

Day Three of Neuro treatment.

I still believe a nice chemcially induced coma would be the most effective thing for me. This drug protocal my neuro has me on for the next three weeks sounded intense, but has not really phased me. The calcium channel blocker will need a little time to kick in for sure, so in the long run this might work well, but in the short run no noticable difference. I have had a migraine for the last three days and have had an erratic sleeping pattern. The tanquilizer he has me on does have a dopey sort of effect on me, which can induce long naps, but does not help me sleep through the night. The migraine on the other hand has not been constant, which is good, but I am not sure if I should be treating it aggressively or waiting for the meds he put me on to do something.

Day 1: three week neuro drug treatment

So my doctor has me on a calcium channel blocker and a tranquilizer. The tranquilizer is usually used for siezures, but then what is a migraine if not overly excited neural activity? I will be on this for three weeks in order to 'reset' my brain and hopefully get me out of this migraine cycle. Fact is, I tend to get stuck in daily migraines about every two years no matter what treatment I am on, to the point I can't even tell if the new preventatives they put me on even do anything. So this is an interesting little trial for me.

Day one was interesting. I took the first dose and thought I feel a wee bit mellow but not nearly as sleepy as the doc said I would be. Then I felt a little zoned out. So I thought maybe I should take a little nap, which turned out to be a five hour nap. Which is totally fine by me, I need the sleep. I do have a migraine today, which I did little for because the sleep means I am not suffering the pain as much. The treatment is by no means…

Saved by the neuro...

I discussed my situation with my neuro today and he was totally cool about. That is the awesome thing about a neuro who gets migraines and therefore gets migraines. He was willing to help me with the medical accomadation and perhaps I will need that, but he has a better idea first. He is putting me on a three week intense drug protocal that will involve a type of tranqulizer and a calcium blocker to basically dull those neurons down, shut down the pain and give us a nice blank slate to start off with again. I will be a zombie for the entire time and will sleep a great deal, but I am really looking forward to it. If it can knock me out of this pain cycle I will do a feakin happy dance. A month is not that much to lose, considering a lose that much in days with migraines every day... can't remember a thing. And a month loss of work will not be that bad, I won't miss much and should be able to just jump back into things. So I will start this as soon as I get the go ahead …

I can't believe what I heard at work today

Apparently that day I was in tears at work, in so much pain and so much despair, because my boss cut me to the wick with that phone conversation I had gone into work. Feeling like I had no choice, which severely depressed me, feeling trapped in my pain and no options. That is bad enough, legally you cannot force an employee with a valid medical reason to come in to work. She pushed it there, really pushed it.

Then when i came in, in obvious distress it was not like she sent me home. In fact I was told the boss lady told the supervisor, before the boss lady left herself, not to let me go home. That is definitely illegal. That is cruel to make someone suffer so. And it totally pisses me off she did. Thank goodness one of my co-workers got me to call HR so I could go to the hospital.

I would have continued to suffer and go to work as much as humanly possible, which benefits everyone but me, if she had not acted like this. I realize I must do the formal work up again, to have a…

For a moment I thought I killed the beast, but

It came back with a roar. My doctor had given my a script for something to help me sleep in addition to the sleeping pill, but I can only take it on weekends because it is hard to shake off. However, getting a really good nights sleep is one way to kill a migraine. And it seemed to work. I felt some very mild pain, like I could feel where the core of the migraine was, but it did not hurt that much. So all of Saturday was rather good. Today not so much. I tried my abortive and nothing. Reduced, again, to tramacet which really does not do much. Still having troubles hearing out of my left ear, except of course for a high pitched ringing. And still having some intense double vision. Is this the worst migraine ever? No. But it is a killer one, just when I did not need them.

I am anxious about going in to work Monday, so that does not help. I feel like I will be attacked for missing a day. I am also anxious about asking for an accomadation package for health related reasons,…

Not sure what to do about this status migraine now

I tried my triptan on days 1-4, I used tramecet for the pain when they did not work. I went to the ER and got the toradol. I tried out sleeping it. It is still going strong. I don't want to use anything else, lest I make it worse. So just waiting and waiting for some improvement.

I had one hell of a bad day

This story begins with a migraine, as most of my stories do on this blog. It is a status migraine... a battle that has been ongoing since monday. Monday it began, it was treated and I functioned. Tuesday I woke up with it, it was killer, I was late to work and suffered all day long. Wednesday it was still kicking, took two abortives and kept it medium grade. Today I gave up, since nothing was working anymore and tried to call in sick.

I called in sick. My manager called me back and the conversation was pretty much all on her side, since I could say nothing.

1) I have missed 13 days this year, which is likely true so I can't argue with that. It is three times as many as any other two employees combined... can't argue with that, cause unless they have an unmanaged chronic condition there would be no valid readon to miss that many days.

2) My customers depend on me... I sure to some extent they do.

3) My collegues depend on me and take over my work load when I am not the…

Stressed at work? I am. Try this visualization tecnique

Just in case you are having a rough day, here is a stress management Technique used traditionally in Sicily. The funny thing is that it Really does work.

1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out Over a crystal clear stream.

2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running Water.

3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.

4. No one knows your secret place.

5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.

6. The soothing sound of a gentle water fall fills the air with a Cascade of serenity.

7. The water is so crystal clear that you can easily make out the face of the person you are holding underwater.

There!! See? It really does work. You're smiling already. Feel free to forward this if you know others who might benefit from this technique.