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Migraines are neurlogical. I could have told them that. ha!"The latest genetic and biological research shows that migraine is a neurological, not vascular, disorder and both acute and preventive treatments being developed target peripheral and central nervous systems, according to a prominent migraine expert addressing the American Pain Society (APS),, today." 

Interesting article.

Let's do the time warp

It has been a very intense few days of migraines.  Pain levels have been very high which rapidly decreased my brain function.  My new coworkers noticed this as well.  While chronic pain is an invisible disability to a point, once it gets to a certain level if a person knows you even on a basic level they will notice the chance.  Pain just dampens your personality.  Muffles it.  You use all your energy and consentration to try and focus beyond the pain to get things done, as in to understand what people are saying and to walk and talk.  It gives you that sort of zombie effect.  A glazed look in the eyes.  Delayed reaction time.  And lack of any real expression.  Those are the days I ardently wish I did not have to work in such pain, but I don't make the rules I just play the game.  I suck at the game and I don't get the rules but I keep playing anyway even though the fun has been sucked right out of it.  So that has been my week.  Just a lot of getting through the minute to get…

Very strange nocturnal experience

I had a very strange nocturnal experience last night and thats saying a lot from someone who gets regular sleep paralysis episodes that can be disturbing and bizarre.  This was worrisome because I guess it could have been a seizure... unless it was a different and unusual form of sleep paralysis I have not experienced before.  I wasn't asleep yet, but sometimes it is hard to say that for certain so who knows, right?  And I usually get sleep paralysis in the middle of the night or morning not a few minutes after laying down, when I am unfortunately my most alert.  But because I didn't want to wake my spouse up, or spent hours in the ER when I had a migraine, I chose to calm myself down and not do anything about which in the light of day seems rather stupid.

Anyway, here is what happened.  I lay down to go to sleep and was trying to relax.  I had a migraine but at that point it was not too severe.  I began to feel a weird pressure and tiggling in my head... weird but I did have …

Travel Pains

Travel always brings with it interesting discomforts for us all doesn't it? Makes vacationing a wee bit tricky. And a learning experience for sure. Here is what I discovered:

 1) Driving, as a passenger mind you, still causes a migraine that gets more intense the farther you go. Mostly because of light and motion I expect. Less vertigo though because you don't have to look where they vertigo will be most triggered, so that is good.

 2) I can't fall asleep quickly in a strange bed, that is a given. But I will also wake up WAY too early because no matter where I sleep the room is way to bright in the morning... because unlike at home, no room has been completely light proofed like at home. So... very little sleep time worked in there.

 3) Air mattresses are Not Designed for People with Fibromyalgia I can't stress that enough. I went to bed and as usual went to sleep on my stomach with one knee hitched up so I was not completely flat, and immediately I felt pain i…

Too much of a good med is bad, but tricking the brain is good

I sure would like someone to explain to all us chronic migraine sufferers how the hell we are to to treat our migraines without actually treating our migraines, because I sure get sick of people saying we are over medicating. We are in a sucky, sucky place. Some of us are not in this sucky, sucky place because of medication overuse (although that sure is the assumption)... for example, I could not possibly have over used medication when my migraines went chronic because my doctors would have had to have had me ON medication. I wasn't because I was young and trying to get pregnant, didn't realize I was infertile so spent years not on medication at all... which by the way was rather painful so that experiment had to end. I think my migraines went chronic because I have fibromyalgia which also was never treated, but who knows. The migraines were very violent back then and became chronic pretty much as soon as I was unable to control my sleep cycle... when I was no longer a fu…

Fibromyalgia tips for daily living

Fibromyalgia tips for daily living - I wrote out 15 tips for FM daily living.  Really solid good tips if you have FM and actually they work for chronic migraines too. 

As far as advice goes though its more of a 'do as I say not as I do' cause I'm still working on some of those.  Mosting the diet coke thing.  I can get diet coke without caffiene no problemo... but it still has aspertame and I did reduce my intake, but suplamenting it with other things is hard since I do not like sugar much at all.  So water, more water, some flavoured water, some non-sugar tea.  I'll get there one of these days.  Anyways check it out.

Study explores sleep duration and fibromyalgia pain intensity

Study explores sleep duration and fibromyalgia pain intensity  - This was a small study, but interesting because the results seem backwards.  FM and sleep are complicated.  Too complicated for me to unravel thats for sure.  I can't even get enough sleep with sleeping pills, but I know enough to know there is no direct correlation between the duration of sleep and pain that day.

Instant Migraine & Tension Headache Relief Isochronic Tones

I'm trying out some mediation and someone recommended these audio meditation. So I'm trying out this one. At first it kinda hurts my head, but not as much as high notes and then it is sort of entrancing. I like the idea of having background noise to meditation anyway... I tried just relaxation and breathing techniques and realized a) breathing hurts my head right now and b) the whooshing, ringing and throbbing noises I hear in silence that accompany the acute pain, are distracting, as much as the pain is and c) the pain is also distracting. So I haven't got the hang of it yet and maybe this will work a bit better.

I feel like this picture

I found this on a Facebook Group but am waiting for her to find the painter and website she got it from. I love it.

Fibromyalgia Awareness

I found this on Facebook. One of the many pictures floating around because of FM/ME May 12th Awareness day. I like this one because FM is a syndrome with many symptoms and other conditions, like migraines that can become comorbid with it, that make it a complicated picture for every indivdual. Not fair to compare. For me, migraines have been a Big Issue, which is why this blog has been mainly about my chronic migraines, even though my chronic migraines likely became chronic because I have FM. Or so one theory would be these days, with the whole brain is wired for pain idea. Anyway, because that pain is insane (am I rhyming a lot today or is it me? anyhoo...) the pain related to FM associated with muscles is the lesser evil. Now that I'm in Lyrica anyway. It has in the past been crippling at times, but not all the time and not now. Just episodically and in certain muscle groups (you'll see posts historically where I have mentioned really bad wrist pain, both wrists, or…

I hate slippery slopes

I hate slippy slopes especially when I see them coming a mile away.  And it really pisses me off how little disability awareness there is in my work place, or I should say among management, not staff... or I should say upper management, not my current new manager who seems rather nice.  Point is, I know having a chronic pain condition requires Routine and sticking to a routine, whether that be a sleep cycle or work or whatever.  We have routines for a reason.  We know our limitations and we have made compromises for a reason.  We don't make choices all willy-nilly.  And not commuting to a work place has been a choice, otherwise I would have switched work places a hell of a long time a ago, because lets face it... these guys have rather sucked when it comes to helping me through my worst pain moments, causing them to be significantly worse, and suicide worthy.  They are just awesome like that.  Not that the blame is all on them, they are like any other large corporation that treats…

Updating Twitter

If anyone is following me on Twitter at @Mythemichelle (which is my fiction writing name) I'm adding one for my actual name so as to use for here and the Examiner posts.  All health related ones, and keep all my fiction related ones to my alias.  New one is @nikki_albert

No use crying over spilt milk

I went to see my doctor for the usual refills and obvious concerns over my commuting to my new office location which seems to be aggravating the whole migraine associated vertigo situation.  Something I had not actually anticipated.  Silly me.  I had anticipated more pain, of course, which has occured.  My usual status migraine has become an Endless migraine.  Which has led to the neck pain situation migating into I-can't-bloody-well-move-my-shoulder situation.  Which is just awesome.  Everyone loves an eight day long migraine and counting.  That I expected.  There is just a certain amount of tension when driving in pain with the whole extra consentration and I loath light issue that creates an insane muscle tensing reaction that compounds the issue.  A person can expect that and hope that it won't persist once you get used to it.  I have not really driven outside of town since the virtigo has gotten insane on me, so I had no idea driving at high speeds would make that go whac…

Treatments rated

I got this from Headache and migraine - kind of interesting to know.  I mean we all react differently to different medications, obviously, but still interesting to know what are statistically the top functional ones.

"Highest rated treatmentsHere are some of the highest rated treatments for migraine. There are four categories:

Over-the-counter: Petasites (butterbur) (such as Petadolex) Triptans: frovatriptan Antiepileptics: divalproex sodiumsodium valproate, topiramate beta-blockers: metoprolol, propranolol, timolol Lowest rated treatmentsThese are the items that had a negative rating, meaning that they’re not recommended at this time: Lamotrigine, Clomipramine, Acebutolol, Clonazepam, Nabumetone, Oxcarbazepine, Telmisartan, montelukast."Headache and migraine
To read more:

Depression and Headache

A bit long but a good interview.

I hate Rollercoaster rides even designed by my brain

Migraine associated vertigo can have these effects : "dizziness; motion intolerance with respect to head, eyes, and/or body; spontaneous vertigo attacks (often accompanied by nausea and vomiting); diminished eye focus with photosensitivity; sound sensitivity and tinnitus; balance loss and ataxia; cervicalgia (neck pain) with associated muscle spasms in the upper cervical spine musculature; confusion with altered cognition; spatial disorientation; and anxiety/panic." Migraine Associated Vertigo

MAV is something I now just have as a prolonged migraine symptom and the above is an exact descrption of my drive home yesterday from work.  Since I normally in the past never drove except for the five minutes it took to get to work, I didn't know MAV would such an effect on me when driving on the highway... because I just have not driven on the highway in a long time and certainly not with an acute migraine.  Add acute pain and all those MAV symptoms and you get one terrifying exp…