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Exploding vs. imploding headache in migraine with Botox and Botox review study

 Exploding vs. imploding headache in migraine prophylaxis with Botulinum Toxin A 
In this study the responders vs non-responders was not dependent on symptoms, episodic vs chronic, aura vs no aura or other factors but there did seem to be this interesting correlation between how people described there pain. Exploding pain vs imploding pain, which leads to some speculation as to why botox might be effective in responders and not effective in non-responders.

I often speculate my brain is both exploding and imploding during a migraine such that a new black hole is about to burst forth in there... but the fact is in reality the pain I experience is very much exploding. Very much expanding beyond the realms of my scull. Except I also get a great deal of eye pain, temple pain, jaw pain, teeth pain, check pain, constant neck pain. And all the facial pain might suggest a lot of nerve pain on the surface. When I got botox it did not do a damn thing. Made my forehead numb. I could not do my inf…

gastroparesis and migraines

My common law spouse actually has gastroparesis by itself, not due to another condition. For years he was told his abdominal issues with IBS and it caused him a great deal of pain. Over time more pain due to constipation, bloating and heartburn. He is six foot six and lean, but then he began to lose weight even though he eats constantly. It was pretty disturbing to be honest. More disturbing was that his doctor at the time prescribed T3s for the intestinal pain... which was damn idiotic because I knew while maybe it would help with the pain it would also increase it because it would make him more constipated. Thankfully by chance that doctor was unavailable one day and he saw another one... who concurred with the fact the painkillers were a very bad idea and also sent him for more tests. One of which was for gastroparesis... to look and see if his stomach was working and digesting food properly, which it was in fact not. When they did the test he still had food in his stomach which sh…

#Depression Twice as Likely Among #Migraine Sufferers Canadian study finds

National Pain Report  Research done at University of Toronto surveyed approximately 67,000 Canadians, over 6,000 reporting they had been diagnosed with migraine by a health care professional.This study has been published on the online journal of Depression Research and Treatment.

"Both women and men with migraine were more than twice as likely to suffer from depression as those without the disease (women: 12.4% vs. 5.7%; men: 8.4% vs. 3.4%). Serious thoughts of suicide – also known as suicide ideation – were also more common for migraine sufferers (women: 17.6% versus 9.1%; men: 15.6% versus 7.9%). Migraine sufferers under the age of 30 had four times the odds of suicidal ideation than those 65 and over." I do not find this to be particularly surprising. In any chronic pain condition... pain itself would be a risk factor alone for suicide and for suicidal ideation. This fact is something doctors seem to fail to understand or acknowledge... but are never surprised when …

New potential #fibromyalgia treatment being looked at

There looks to be a promising new Fibromyalgia drug on the horizon. Check out Drug Under Development Spells Hope for Pain Relief in Fibromyalgia. As we all know current medications yield poor results with Lyrica in the lead but still not by much. I find this intriguing given it comes from Omega-3 fatty acids. 

"Probably the most intriguing [new development] is a compound called neuroprotectin D1 (NPD1) – the subject of increasingly intense investigation. NPD1 has been mostly investigated as a protective agent in central nervous system, eye and kidney disorders but a recent study suggested it may be effective against the hardest to treat pain of all – nerve pain.
Enter a potentially cheap drug derived from a fatty acid often used in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.
A ‘Good’ Fatty Acid Derivative
“These compounds are derived from omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, but are 1,000 times more potent than their precursors in reducing inflammation,” Ru Rong Ji

Top Brain/Bottom Brain thinking

" This research reveals that the top-brain system uses information about the surrounding environment (in combination with other sorts of information, such as emotional reactions and the need for food or drink) to figure out which goals to try to achieve. It actively formulates plans, generates expectations about what should happen when a plan is executed and then, as the plan is being carried out, compares what is happening with what was expected, adjusting the plan accordingly. The bottom-brain system organizes signals from the senses, simultaneously comparing what is being perceived with all the information previously stored in memory. It then uses the results of such comparisons to classify and interpret the object or event, allowing us to confer meaning on the world. The top- and bottom-brain systems always work together, just as the hemispheres always do. Our brains are not engaged in some sort of constant cerebral tug of war, with one part seeking dominance over another. …

The #migraine vortex of doom

The problem with chronic daily migraines is not just the pain. Well, clearly the pain is a substantial insane issue of its own that I could rant about for quite some time. There is another problem. A large significant problem being that a migraine attack is composed of Four stages not just that pain stage that many of us know so well. And those other three stages have numerous symptoms. Many neurological symptoms. So you are in this constant flux of brain chaos. I was recently discussing some of the strangest symptoms with some migraineur associates of mine and we all had some similar ones... perhaps that means many of us do and we really never talk about how bizarre some of our symptoms can get. I am not just talking about brain fog, fatigue, nausea, photosensitivity, phonosensitivity, numbness, tingling and neck pain here. I am talking about tinnitus, hearing loss, muffled hearing, assorted visual auras, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (some with many symptoms in this class, some with …

So migraine associated vertigo or some other vertigo? Still in the vertigo vortex

So still have vertigo from Sept. 30th. It is going with this pattern that is so unlike my migraine associated vertigo I am beginning to wonder if it is in fact from that. Which concerns me.

When I get up in the morning it is barely noticeable. I feel unstable a bit. My eyes don't track so well.

Then the more I move around it gets worse. Specifically if I am standing or walking around it will get worse Fast. So very little standing or walking. But it is quite noticeable sitting upright.

Yet when I lie down it is far more stable again after a few minutes. I just feel a lot of tingling in my legs a few pulsing and maybe a little slight dropping sensations. A more wooshing movement of dropping and lack of tracking if I move my head at an angle or too fast but otherwise not too bad.

I notice when i try to do activities like crouch down, bend over or... when i attempted to clean the bathtub... worse, much worse. But again just standing makes it worse.

It got real today and all I did wa…

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians! I'm thankful I exsit when there was a time I could not have

There are a lot of things to be thankful for. Some major and some minor. I am thankful always for my boyfriend and family because I love them and because they are always supportive and awesome. And even friends I have not seen in a long time because I am such a hermit. And I am thankful for all the online friends because I am such a hermit. And I am thankful for low pain days and pain gaps in the day which seems like a sucky thing to be thankful for but is pretty necessary in the scheme of things. I am thankful there is no snow on the ground yet. I am thankful for great books and good movies. And chocolate. And a decent healthcare system. I am thankful for a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

And I am thankful that I exist. At one time I thought my existence was too painful to continue and that if I ceased to exist it would have no real impact on the world. That I had no imprint on the world. I had no real friends left due to having decreased my social life to nonexistent over…

#menstrual #migraines and #contraception for migraine with #aura

Treatment of mentrual migraines can be tricky. They are often felt as more intense, they have a long duration and they do not respond well to treatment. When they do not respond to the recommended treatments (see links below for full list of treatments) sometimes doctors suggest going on birth control to halt the drops in estrogen.

Is this an effective tool against menstrual migraines? We have heard many people say it makes them worse. Others say it helped a great deal. It seems rather confusing.
Migraine and oral contraceptive use continues to be a source of controversy. Oral contraceptive initiation may worsen or change the pre-existing pattern of migraine. In a small percentage of women, there may be improvement or no change at all. The concern of oral contraceptive use is twofold; how will it affect the migraine severity and frequency; and what is the added risk of stroke to the migraineur on the pill. Migraine may be affected by the pill in one of five ways; attacks may b…