My low blood pressure suggests I am now a zombie

Once again my blood pressure concerns me. While at the pharmacy my spouse and I checked ours.

His: 121/80 and perfect is 120/80. His is Always like that. Every single time. Perfect score.

Mine: 74/45 A new Low Score! Not good. Mine is always low, but it fluctuates from 117/70 to 90s/50s. (and in that lower zone I tend to feel cruddy.)

I checked it because I have been feeling very, very fatigued. So tired I could sleep every minute of the day. And have been sleeping in excessively. Just that tired. And when I stand I get dizzy, which had stopped when I was put on my calcium channel blocker but with obviously with BP this low is back. My heart is going weird things when I lie down at night, which is freaking me out.

I suppose what I should do is go test it again. If it is still that low I should go to that walk-in clinic because some of the causes for low blood pressure are serious and should be looked into. And this is pretty damn low. Usually it is my second number that hits the too low area but the first does not and it concerns me somewhat that both have both plummeted.

The whole fluctuating blood pressure thing had bothered me for some time now. I don't think it is normal. I think it is a sign of something amiss. And I wish it would be looked into. Because it can drop like a rock at times. And at times it is hard to stand for long.

At this point, I think it should be dealt with. I mean seriously. It can't get lower than this without a freaking coma.
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