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Paresthesia and Fibromyalgia

Paresthesia is one of the nerve symptoms of Fibromyalgia that causes  the 'pins and needles' sensations, an itch, tingling, prickling and numbness. In general with Fibromyalgia it is a chronic condition, as in once it starts it isn't going away but this isn't always the case. There can be ways to manage and reduce it at time. At least I had some luck with this but that isn't saying much, I know, FM being the fickle beast that it is. I will explain what I went through though.


  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Crawling itch
  • Can cause pain
  • Can cause skin sensitivity. 


  • NSAIDs or aspirin are recommended if symptoms are mild.
  • If it is more complex antidepressants have been used at low doses because they affect the perception of pain.
  • If the pain is more severe things such as codeine have been used to manage it.
  • B complex, in particular B12. But be careful because too much B6 can actually be a Cause. 
  • Acupuncture and massage have been used to reduce symptoms.
  • Ointments with capsaicin can provide relief. This actually, has been studied for FM pain beneficially. 
  • Wearing loose fitting clothing.

I have had a bad experience with this symptom. First because I developed peripheral neuropathy in my hand. Rather spontaneously on day I woke up with half my hand with a thick numbness which over the course of a week spread over the entire hand. It caused damage to two of the fingers mobility wise as well. Initially it was thought to be due to a status migraine I was in the middle of but there was substantial debate about that so I consider it to be idiopathic since they didn't in fact do any actual evidence based tests to determine that. So I endure the glove like numbness. The sharp prickling pain. The sharper, deeper never pains. I began to take B12 because I heard it was good for nerve pain and it reduced my prickly pain sensations that were rather problematic for me.

Second, because I had this 'incident' where I developed severe Paresthesia below the waist which spread slowly and gained in intensity and eventually with a significant area of numbness. It greatly disturbed my doctor who thought it might be spinal stenosis or other related back diseases. It led to three back MRIs. And it wasn't. it wasn't anything definable with evidence to be seen with an MRI. It was Fibromyalgia related. Just severe. Progressively so it seemed. Until it was running down my legs. Entirely waist down. And the method of treatment for it, not doctor recommended or thought of, but coincidentally worked for me was a lot of B12. I had been taking it with some benefit for my peripheral neurpathy and by coincidence it helped, slowly, with this bizarre intense Paresthesia. Now granted, it very well might have been the cause of my idiopathic peripheral neuropathy and the Paresthesia for all I know and that is why the B12 worked for me. All I know is that it was freaky and I am glad it was greatly reduced. I barely have the symptom there now and the severity of it is greatly reduced, so makes me wonder if for me it was a deficiency issue. Nevertheless, not a pleasant fibromyalgia symptom to endure.

However, I still do have symptoms of this and expect I always will. Mostly now it is the crawling itchy sensation. Generally at night I get the same sensation I had before from the waist down but less intense. I just reduced that specific area dramatically.
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